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 Rhayza Cintrón Guzmán - Universidade Federal do Ceará, Ceará, Brazil

School: Science and Technology
Program Type: 
Semester Exchange

"Studying in Brazil was a wonderful experience rich in academic, cultural and personal knowledge. Obviously, participating in an academic experience outside of Puerto Rico in a location where another language is spoken was a challenge. The biggest challenge was to learn to speak, write and read in another language (Brazilian Portuguese) in only four months.

At the Universidade Federal do Ceará, I participated in an academic program that enriched my knowledge of my field. It was wonderful to experience a variety of teaching styles and to meet and spend time with students from different parts of the world, including: Spain, Colombia, Peru, Germany, France and, of course, Brazil, among others. Additionally, I was able to learn about another culture and customs that are rich in beliefs and festivities that are very different from my own. Finally, the exchange program in Brazil allowed me to travel to other cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, and to visit Uruguay and Argentina. All in all, my experience in Brazil was the key that opened a door to new horizons in my life."
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