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ISEP Study Abroad Programs for Universidad del Este Students

In May 2010, UNE became a Direct member of the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP). UNE’s designation as an ISEP Direct member institution allows UNE students the possibility to study abroad in 28 countries and apply credit earned abroad to their UNE degree program!

Countries with ISEP Direct programs include:  Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Estonia, Fiji, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Study Abroad through ISEP Direct allows UNE students the opportunity to:
  • Study English or improve their foreign language skills through courses and use of the language in everyday life both inside and outside the classroom
  • Gain valuable understanding of the international dimension of their academic field by taking regular courses with students from the host country, as well as other foreign students
  • Develop intercultural competencies and personal maturity through immersion in another culture
  • Live alongside local students and other international students in student residences, shared apartments or other housing (housing and meal benefits are included in most ISEP-Direct Programs)

ISEP-Direct program fees vary by host institution and by benefit package selected (some host institutions offer more than one benefit package). UNE students receiving federal financial aid (such as the Pell Grant) can apply these funds towards ISEP Direct programs taken abroad for UNE course credit.

Click here for a list of current ISEP Direct programs and costs.

General Study Abroad Requirements:
- Active student status
- Minimum grade point average of 2.75
- Must have passed at least 60 credits at UNE before commencing program abroad

Application Process:
To learn more about ISEP programs that are available to UNE students, as well as the application process, please contact the designated ISEP Coordinator for UNE:

Leanne R. Chacón
ISEP Coordinator
Office of International, Federal and Corporate Affairs (Located in the UNE Centro de Empleo)
Phone: (787) 257-7373, Ext. 2237/2242
Email: ue_internacional@suagm.edu

You can also learn more about ISEP Programs by visiting the Official ISEP website.

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