Composition of the Subcommittees

Subcommittee A:
Mission, Goals, Vision and Environment
Dr. Jaime Rodriguez Cancel
Associate Professor, School of Social and Human Sciences
Dr. Mildred Diaz
Prof. Lourdes Melendez
Prof. Justo Lugo Cáceres
Dr. María G. Véaz
Subcommittee B:
Strategy, Structure, Policies and Practices
Prof. Omar J. Pagan
Dean and Associate Professor, José A. (Tony) Santana International School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Dr. Maritza Espina
Mayra Ferran
Prof. Ivan Puig
Yoel Velázquez
Anne L. Howard-Tristani
Subcommittee C:
Curriculum and Co-Curriculum
Dr. Mildred Huertas Solá
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and
Full Professor, School of Education
Prof. Nilda Rosado
Dr. José Cintrón
Dr. Jhon Senabria
Dr. Carmen Peraza
Mayra Ferrán
Subcommittee D:
International Students, Education Abroad, Institutional Collaborations and Exchange
Dr. Lilliam Lizardi
Full Professor
School of Science and Technology
Anne Howard
Eigna de Jesus
Dr. Marisel Torres Crespo
Belinda Ruiz
Prof. Alicia Rivera
Loriann Dávila
Yamil Natal
Georgina León
Subcommittee E:
Campus Culture, Synergy and Connections
Dr. María S. Muñoz
Full Professor, School of Social and Human Sciences
Yoel Velázquez
Maria Socorro Diaz
Prof. Clara Roman

*See “Questions to Guide the Internationalization Review”
American Council on Education Report, Chapter Two



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