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Scholarships and Internships Program of the UAGM Carolina Campus was designed to provide students from High School of academic excellence and financial need the opportunity to pursue university studies in our institution. This program is funded by institutional, governmental, and personal and corporate donations. The main goal of the program is to provide talented students with financial need, financial resources and experiences for the continued development of cognitive, personal, social and physical skills that add value and develop his/hers qualities as a human being, that you be a citizen contributing to the society in which he lives. Attached to the Assistant Vice Chancellorship of scholarships and internships programs are:

Permanent Scholarship Funds

The Permanent Fund for scholarships of the Universidad del Esta began in 1994, and currently consists of more than 50 donors committed to the educational development of Puerto Rico.

The scholarship students must excel in their academic performance and their community service and must qualify to receive Pell grant. (Exceptions will be made in those cases where the donor requests it).
The donor has the option of selecting your student or students in the academic area of its choice. The donor recommends that the student has an overall average GPA of 3.00 or more, show evidence of leadership and community work. In addition the donor will make its selection according to criteria or interests.
The donor can select his student, if desired, along with a Committee of the institution made up of the Vicechancellor for Student Affairs, the Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Scholarships and Boarding schools, Director of Institutional Development and the Coordinator of the academic area where the scholarship will be granted.

A complete grant  or supplementary aid of economic assistance that the student qualify and receive to cover tuition, personal expenses and books. In some cases the student will receive a monthly stipend.
In addition, cases that are relevant, it will be encouraged that after graduating the student works with his/her donor.


The Department of Athletics seeks to create in the student the responsibility and commitment to their studies, their training, and development as human and professional in today's society. In addition, awareness that the athletic scholarship is a privilege, not a right.

Procedure for determining and granting of the athletic scholarship

  1. Complete athletic scholarship application
  2. Undergo tests and practices
  3. Discuss the results and the student be classifed according to its performance (A-High performance, B- Medium-High Performance and C-Medium Performance
  4. Determination the amount of athletic scholarship to be granted according to their classification)
  5. Authorization of the Athletic Scholarship is delivered to the student of the athletic scholarship is handled for his/her knowledge and amounts that it will be granted are broken down during the academic year.
    If the student is in accordance with the provisions of the document, he/she signs it and the trainer will deliver it to the Department of Athletics for the corresponding process.
  6. Once the coach handles the authorizations for the provision of physical athletic scholarship to the Department of Education, then will proceed with the registration of all of the benefits granted in our BANNER system.

For more information about the athletic scholarship you can communicate with your University’s Physical Education Department.


Scholarships and Internships Program was created to provide merit students with the opportunity to pursue postsecondary studies and careers, and develop their talents, leadership, humane traits, and necessary attitudes to help them contribute to their society. The programs adscribed to the Vice Chancellorship of Scholarships and Internships are:

  • Honors Program
  • Internship Program
  • Special Scholarships Program


Myrna Flores
Office of Scholarships and Interships
Tel. 787-257-7373, ext. 2622


Honor Program
The Honors Program was established to facilitate high school students with good academic achievement to start a professional career in the different programs at Universidad del Este.

Eligibility Requirements

  • High School GPA of 3.30 or higher.
  • Score of 1,550 or higher on the first three (3) parts of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) exam (verbal and mathematics aptitude and English).
  • If the student applies to enter the School of Engineering, a score of 675 or higher in math is required.
  • If the student applies to enter the School of Science and Technology, a score of 600 or higher in math is required.


  • Supplementary Scholarships for costs of education.
  • Stipend for personal expenses each semester.
  • Book Stipend each semester.
  • Participation in workshops, seminars, and student development activities.
  • Participation in cultural and social activities.
  • Participation in the Honors Program of the University Association.
  • Participation in Internships.
  • Participation in campus science projects and in research laboratories in and out of Puerto Rico.
  • Opportunities to request special scholarships.

Internships Program
Internships are academic-occupational opportunities directed to promote student preparation, abilities and skills. Students must assume specific tasks, develop projects, and undertake specific responsibilities under the supervision of a mentor or supervisor. They generally occur in and outside Puerto Rico.

Requirements to participate in Internships

  • Be an active enrolled student at the Institution.
  • GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • Have 60 credits or more approved.
  • Fluent in English both oral and written
  • Have a medical insurance coverage


  • Professional growth in the field of study.
  • Economic compensation.
  • Opportunity to become acquainted with known professionals in the field of interest.
  • Broadens employment and graduate studies opportunities.

List of Suggested Internship Opportunities (not all inclusive)

Special Scolarships
These are special scholarships sponsored by entities external to Universidad del Este such as: government agencies, non-profit organizations, or private corporations, among others:

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