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Welcome to the School of Education portal!

The School of Education is a learning community at Universidad del Este whose purpose is to think, build, inquire, research, and serve in the personal and professional formation and development of teachers. In harmony with the Institutional Mission, the center of the unit’s pedagogical performance and its academic programs include the learning paradigm, student attention, the constructivist focus, and the cognitive-humanist theoretical framework. Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificate programs prepare the future teachers and leaders of our teaching system -- both public and private -- as well as other education professionals needed by our society.

The principal goal of the School is to educate by providing an integrated curriculum with a philosophical-sociological-psychological framework that is in harmony with our goals and objectives. This includes an environment that supports learning and the continuous improvement of educational quality. We house all UNE’s undergraduate and graduate academic programs for the preparation of teachers and other education professionals. We are also in charge of the pedagogical component of the degrees and courses required for teacher certification by the Puerto Rico Department of Education. Our commitment is to collaborate and guide those initiatives that are inherent to our body of knowledge.

Dr. José R. Cintrón Cabrera


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