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Welcome to the School of Social and Human Sciences!

The School of Social and Human Sciences at Universidad del Este welcomes you to a new world. Through its curriculum, you will find yourself in a new environment; you will appreciate other points of view. Using your books, imagination, and critical thinking you will travel to unknown countries. By using your experiences, you are going to understand the importance of growth, within an international perspective. You will pick up your bags and you will learn about other cultures, speak other languages, try out new food, and live with other people. You will stroll down the streets, browse the shops, enjoy the theaters, concert halls, and museums; in other words, you are going to become an educated person with an ample knowledge of culture.

We will give you the biggest opportunity of your life. We are waiting for you!

Please Contact Us for details - (787) 257-7373 Ext. 2104

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