Bio-Mathematics Scholarship Program

Scholarship Funds

  • The scholarship covers your tuition costs.

  • Monthly stipend of $400 (This monthly stipend is computed according to the student GPA and is subject to renovation is accordance with academic progress.)

Scholarship Program Benefits

  • Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduate (REU) opportunities.

  • Participation in academic, social and cultural enrichment activities.

  • Opportunities to participate in national and international conferences (Such as SACNAS, NIS/BKX, among others).


  • Must register and bring all the documentation to the IM Coordinator.

  • Be admitted at the Department of Science and Technology at UMET in the Bachelor Degree in Bio-Mathematics.

    • New Students - Have a general high school average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher and a score of 600 or higher in the math section of the College Board Exam.

    • Transferred Students - Have a GPA of 3.00. The student must also have Calculus I approved or be enrolled in the class for the current semester.