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Communications Department

The Department of Communications at the Universidad Metropolitana educates and trains students who wish to become professionals willing to face the challenges of a dynamic and changing discipline. Its academic offerings include Bachelor of Arts in Communications with concentrations in Public Relations, Digital Production Management Mediosy.

The Department's academic programs are supplemented Communications Integrated Communications Laboratory. This building and workshop space has multiple technological resources to develop students' skills and provide practical experience to strengthen and nurture their academic performance. The Laboratory has:
  • Film production studio and digital video
  • Radio production studio and digital audio
  • 4 rooms, digital video editing
  • Computer Lab
    • Internet
    • Drafting
    • Graphic Design
  • Board of public speaking and presentations
    • Video conferences
    • Courses
    • Lectures and audiovisual presentations
The Communications Department promotes the education of their students in both technical and conceptual areas. For this reason, it encourages training in the management of technology applied to communications, as well as critical thinking, social awareness and creativity. We believe that a community of excellence must be multidisciplinary view, civic commitment and sensitivity to be an agent of social change.
Admission Requirements
  • Have graduated from high school or equivalent with a grade point average of 2.50 points or more
  • Complete the application form and submit the following documents:

    a. Official transcript of credits
    b. Results College Entrance Examination Board test
    c. Admission fee (non refundable)

  • Get a score of 500 points in Spanish and English 450 on the examination of the College Entrance Examination Board
  • Take placement test administered by the Vice-Rector for Development and Associate Retention UMET
  • Interview with the Admissions Committee, Department of Communications
Become an excellent communicator, he studied in the UMET!
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