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School of Health Sciences


As part of the Ana G. Méndez University System, Universidad Metropolitana's School of Health Sciences offers a number of healthcare-related programs in its mission is to contribute to the integral formation of Puerto Rico’s healthcare professionals. The School helps you develop the knowledge, attitudes, and necessary skills you will need to assume your corresponding role, in Puerto Rico as well as abroad.

The School is also committed to quality teaching and provide research and community service experience in the healthcare field.

In order to carry out its mission, the School offers Associate, Bachelor, and post-Bachelor certificate and degree programs, and will soon be offering Master degree programs in the various healthcare fields as well.

Through its academic programs, the School emphasizes critical thinking, clinical judgment, decision-making, problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, professional ethics, and respect for life and human dignity.


UMET’s School of Health Sciences seeks to position itself as the academic leader in the area of health prevention and promotion through the development of undergraduate and graduate programs in related disciplines that respond to the healthcare service needs of our society, and ultimately, the improvement of the healthcare system and quality of life for society in general.

We hope that faculty and students can share their expert knowledge through collaborative groups and partnerships, offering multidisciplinary services to groups with specific needs and to the community in general. The system’s various programs can be part of this collaborative effort that transcends geographic and cultural frontiers.

School Objectives:

  • Form competent graduates who are committed to Puerto Rico's health
  • Provide pertinent and accessible academic programs to the population in general
  • Incorporate technology and advances in science and computer technology in all the health disciplines
  • Develop community service projects according to emerging needs
  • Participate proactively in the formation of public policy affecting the field of healthcare
  • Promote research in health-related areas and community service through a multidisciplinary focus

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