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School of Business Administration Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Mission of UMET's School of Business Administration is to provide a diverse student body, in an inclusive environment, with opportunities to acquire professional and personal competencies through innovative, quality undergraduate and graduate business programs which foster entrepreneurship and self-employment development. The mission is achieved through a synergistic combination of teaching, research, and community service in order for the students to become agents of change, ethical business leaders, life-long learners and responsible contributors to a globalized and sustainable world.


UMET's School of Business Administration will be recognized as one of the leading business schools in Puerto Rico and abroad, known for its excellence and innovation in teaching, research and community service, and for its contribution to economic development and transformative social change.

We share SUAGM's and UMET's Core Values:

  • Excellence: as the maximum aspiration of all teaching, research, creative activities, and service endeavors.
  • Freedom: of thought and expression as an indispensable basis in the search and diffusion of knowledge.
  • Respect: for the diversity and dignity of human beings.
  • Integrity: in all educational, research, community service and professional and personal endeavors.
  • Equality: in recognizing the value of education as an instrument to provide better opportunities and to fully develop the potential of human beings.
  • Innovation: a constant to guarantee the pertinence and quality of programs and services.
  • Social Responsibility: regarding the needs of the community, the country and the humanity of which we are part.

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