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Academic Programs
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Academic Programs
School of Environmental Affairs

Master of Arts in Environmental Studies with a specialization in Environmental Education

GOAL: To prepare environmental educators as social leaders with the ability to develop in themselves and in others a sense of responsibility and commitment to the environment, and also maintain a global vision when collaborating in the search for solutions to local environmental problems in order to achieve a sustainable future.

Provide the necessary educational tools and practical experiences so that graduates can effectively exercise their professions. This degree requires fifteen (15) credits in core Environmental Studies, six (6) elective credits, and six (6) thesis or internship credits. The Internship in Environmental Education is new to Puerto Rico and was created to establish working networks between the University and the Community.

Core Studies
ENMG 501 Fundamentals of Environmental Science 3 none
ENMG 615 Environmental Legislation and Regulatory Agencies 3 ENMG 501
ENST 515 Sustainable Development 3 ENMG 501
ENMG 531 Biology of Conservation 3 ENMG 501-712
ENMG 712 Tropical Ecological Formations 3 ENMG 501
Specialization Components
ENST 518 Environmental Education Didactics I 3  
ENST 618 Environmental Education Didactics II 3 ENST 518
EDUC 504 Learning Theories and Cognoscitive Development 3  
ENMG 512 Environmental Communications and Document Writing 3
ENMG 601 Environmental Education and Ethics 3  
Related Electives
Choose two courses
COIS 600 The Computer as an Instructional Resource 3  
ENMG 503 Economics of Natural and Environmental Resources and Laboratory 3

ENMG 506 Applied Statistics Methodology of Environmental Research 3 none
ENMG 532 Conservation and Management of Forests and Vegetation 3 ENMG 531
ENMG 606 Applied Environmental Strategic Planning 3
ENMG 608 Waste Management 3 ENMG 501
ENMG 613 Environmental Control Management 3
ENMG 617 Environmental Document Preparation and Evaluation 3 ENMG 501
ENMG 701 Tropical Environments 3
ENMG 702 Tropical Environments 3
Research Components
Choose between ENMG and ENST
ENMG 721 y 723 Thesis 6 36 earned credits
ENST 724-726 Internship in Environmental Education 6 36 earned credits
  Total Credits 42