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Enviromental Education Institute (EEI)

Occupational Safety and Health


Since 2000 and without forgetting its educative vocation in the environmental field, EEI has entered into the occupational safety and health discipline, an area of knowledge with many common environmental ties.

Special Projects:

Hazardous Waste Worker Training Center (HWWT) and Hazardous Disaster Preparedness Training Center (HDPT)

In 2000, through a consortium with the School of Public Health of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in New Brunswick, EEI became a Hazardous Waste Worker Training Center (HWWT). Since 2005 through the same consortium, EEI also became a Hazardous Disaster Preparedness Training Center (HDPT) as well.

Asbestos School

Since 2003, EEI has been certified under the Environmental Control Board as an Asbestos School, offering courses primarily to inspectors, and has trained around 200 PR Department of Education employees.

Atlantic OSHA Training Center

In 2003, EEI became an Atlantic OSHA Training Center and has since trained close to 591 professionals in the Occupational Safety and Health field.

Radio Program, WKVM 810 AM

Also in 2003, EEI started a new radio program -- the only program in Puerto Rico dedicated exclusively to occupational safety and health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honored Mr. Javier Saracho with the 2004 Environmental Quality Award in Communications for the radio program.

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