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Environmental Education Institute (EEI)

Atlantic OSHA Training Center

In 2003, EEI became the first and only OSHA Training Center in Puerto Rico, thanks to the integration five years previously into the consortium with UMDNJ.

As an OSHA Training Center, EEI is authorized by OSHA to use OSHA educational materials and provide the organization’s courses in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Latin America, which gives us a presence both within and outside Puerto Rico. EEI has already provided courses in the Virgin Islands and Mexico.

Since March 2003, EEI has trained 591 occupational safety and health professionals through this program. It also started a new radio program related to this subject -- the only one in Puerto Rico that is exclusively dedicated to occupational safety and health. As of today, EEI has aired 50 radio programs on this subject. The program has an advising council that includes representatives from various social sectors that are interested in occupational safety and health.

In 2005, EEI had the OSHA 511 course translated from English to Spanish, with these translations continuing during the coming years in order to favorably position EEI to offer its courses to Spanish speaking societies in Latin America.

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