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Environmental Education Institute (EEI)


EEI was established in September 1990 under the sponsorship of the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago and has continued nonstop as an initiative of the Rectorate since 1996, when the School of Environmental Affairs (SEA) was established, with the EEI and the CIAC (1994) integrated into the SEA.


Throughout its history, EEI has adopted many strategies to continue its original vocation to contribute to the environmental education of Puerto Rico’s population. During its 14 years in existence, EEI has:

  1. Produced around twenty titles of educational environmental materials, including booklets, pamphlets, books, curricular guides, slides, videos, fiches and documents;

  2. Trained hundreds of teachers and community environmental leaders through educational environmental workshops, with some of the teachers currently holding high-level positions of responsibility in various educational institutions throughout the island;

  3. Kept the island informed on environmental education subjects for over 5 consecutive years through its radio program on WKVM, 810 AM -- program that garnered producer Javier Saracho the US EPA 2004 Region II Environmental Quality Award.

  4. Founded the Puerto Rico Association of Environmental Education (PRAEE) in 1996;

  5. Supported environmental projects in schools and communities in various regions of Puerto Rico;

  6. Represented Puerto Rico and UMET in congresses, symposiums, and international conferences, while sponsoring some as well;

  7. Acted as a regional entity in extending its course of action beyond the shores of Puerto Rico to offer its services to the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba;

  8. Introduced to UMET (1996) initially and later to AGMUS, NASA’s Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium;

  9. Established alliances with institutions inside and outside the island, which have been able to expand their offerings and sources of income;

  10. Was a pioneer in implementing the first Brownfields Job Training Project (2000) on the island.

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