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  Proposal to promote the study of Earth Science
(Effective July 2007, ending in July 2012.)
School of Environmental Affairs, with a grant from the National Academy of Sciences (NSF, for its acronym in English) is encouraging the study of geosciences at elementary students, college and university. This project will last for five years and will be implemented in six public schools in the municipalities of Caguas and Cataño. This is a collaborative project with Esuela of Science and Technology, University of Turabo.
Among the activities that are being developed are: Hartnell academies, summer academies and development of educational modules for the classroom. The student experiences include research experiences in the Swamp The Spoons, training in the use of Geographic Information Systems, the development of databases and the development of research projects to be presented at various forums. The focus of this project will be the impact of climate change on natural systems, including wetlands.

Our coastal wetlands are among the first to reflect changes associated with increases in sea level. Understanding these changes will allow us to develop strategies for action to address the events and risks associated with climate change.

The geoscience or earth sciences are all those sciences related to the study of the planet earth. These include such important areas as: geology, oceanographer, atmospheric sciences, computer science (GIS), among others. The modern approach to these disciplines is a more multidisciplinary and constantly changing and interaction with the elements of the environment. This discipline has become a tool for understanding the impacts of our actions on nature, understanding the causes of natural phenomena and plan the necessary actions for the sustainable use of our natural resources. It is a discipline that is most relevant to climate change and the impacts of these on our quality of life.

We hope this project will stimulate interest in careers in geoscience students, the development of research projects in these areas and the commitment of the participants to the environment. The Principal Investigator (PI) of this project is Dr. Carlos M. Padin, Dean of the School of Environmental Affairs UMET, and CO-PI are: Dr. Ruby Montoya (UMET), Dr. John C. Musa (UMET), Dr. Teresa Lipset (UT) and Prof. Antonio Gonzalez (UT)


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