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Cox, O., Velez, C., Kumar, V., Malhotra, S., Rivera, L., Hernandez, W., Martinez, J., Cordero, M., Zayas, B. (2014). Synthesis of and Biological Study of 7-Benzyl-3-aminobenzimidazo[3,2-a]quinolinium Chloride (ABQ-48: NSC D-763307) and 7-benzyl-3-nitrobenzimidazo[3,2-a]quinolinium chloride (NBQ 48: NSC D-763303). Current Bioactive Compounds. Vol.10. pp 286-291

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We are at the present collaborating with:
Miguel Otero Ph.D (Medical Science Campus, University of Puerto Rico)
Oliva Primera-Pedrozo Ph.D (School of Science and Technology, Universidad Metropolitana)
Ajay Kumar Ph.D (School of Environmental Affairs, Universidad Metropolitana)

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