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Jayuya University Center

Message from the Director

The Jayuya University Center is a university community that identifies with Universidad Metropolitana’s institutional mission - especially in the belief that a quality higher education should be accessible to all sectors of the population. We are aware of the commitment and responsibility to provide on-campus and distance educational services that broaden Puerto Rico’s higher education options.

Each member of the Jayuya University Center work team recognizes his or her relevance to the institution and encourages the same amongst all the university community members.

We support the concept that learning is a lifelong process and have established a commitment to professional and personal development and teaching excellence. The community of Jayuya has recognized Universidad Metropolitana as an institution that has consistently participated in the academic and economic development of their municipality for nineteen years. Our institution is an integral part of the community, with our main goal to continue serving and attending to the needs of those living in Puerto Rico's central region.

We invite you to become familiar with our University Center’s academic programs and services. In the heart of Puerto Rico, our facilities are located at the historic Catalina Figueras School complex, where we have succeeded in harmonizing culture, academia, and the highest technological standards.


  • Prof. Irma del Pilar Cruz Montijo
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1751

  • Xiomara MejĂ­as González
    Administrative Assistant
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1752

  • Keyra PĂ©rez Medina
    Administrative Assistant
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1750
  • Wendaliz RodrĂ­guez González
    User Support Specialist I
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1773
  • Javier H. Rivera Santiago
    Integrated Services Coordinator
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1753
  • Vannesa Castañer ColĂłn
    Integrated Services Coordinator
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1770

  • Carmen Cruz ColĂłn
    Integrated Services Coordinator
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1771

  • Yolanda Aponte Ruiz
    Officer Admissions and Financial Aid
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1757

  • Leslie X. Quiles ColĂłn
    Facilitator FAFSA
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1758

  • Brenda Y. Torres Fred
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1772

  • JosĂ© A. González Gilbes
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1755

  • Yecenia Oliveri Burgos
    Retention Coordinator
    Tel. (787) 828-1319 Ext. 1756

  • GerĂłnimo Hernández Santiago
    Associated Physical Plant
    Tel.(787) 828-1319

Universidad Metropolitana

  • Tel. (787) 828-1319 / 1442 / 1443

  • Fax. (787) 828-1445

Mailing Address

  • PO Box 1527
    Jayuya, PR  00664

Physical Address

  • Calle Catalina Figueras #2
    Jayuya, Puerto Rico

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