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Admission Policy

Admissions Policy for Undergraduated, Graduate and Doctoral Programs*

Transfer Student Policies for Technical, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs*

* Available in English only.


Associate Degrees and Technical Programs
Catalog 2014-2015* 
Catalog 2013-2014* 
Catalog 2012-2013* 

Bachellor Degrees
Catalog 2014-2015*
Catalog 2013-2014*
Catalog 2012-2013*

Graduate Degrees
Catalog 2014-2015* 

Catalog 2013-2014* 
Catalog 2012-2013* 

* Available in English only.

Educational Programs

Technical Professional Programs**

Associate Degrees**

Bachellor Degrees**

Master Degrees**

Doctoral Degrees*

Continuing Education**

Accelerated Professional Studies (AHORA Program)**

* Available in English only.
** Available in Spanish only.

Online Learning

General Information MBA Online for Students-in English
General Information MBA Online for Students-in Spanish

Teacher's Guide MBA Online Courses-in English
Teachers Guide MBA Online Courses-in Spanish

BB Quick Guide for Students-in English
BB Quick Guide for Students-in Spanish

BB Guide for Teachers-in English
BB Guide for Teachers-in Spanish

Study Abroad

Study Abroad *

* Available in Spanish only.

College Navigator


Costs of Attendance

Cost of Attendance 2015-2016-in English
Cost of Attendance 2015-2016-inSpanish

Cost of Attendance 2014-2015-in English
Cost of Attendance 2014-2015-in Spanish

Tuition Cost & Fees

Tuition Costs & Fees 2015-2016-in English
Tuition Costs & Fees 2015-2016-in Spanish

Verification Process

Verification Process 2015-2016-in English
Verification Process 2015-2016-in Spanish

Verification Form-in English
Verification Form-in Spanish

Statement of Identity and Educational Purposes- in English
Statement of Identity and Educational Purposes-in Spanish

Disbursement Process

DIsbursement Process-in English

DIsbursement Process-in Spanish

Refund Policy

Refund Policy - in English

Refund Policy - in-Spanish

Repeating Courses Policy

Repeating Courses Policy- in English

Repeating Courses Policy- in Spanish

Withdrawal Policy

Official & Unofficial Withdrawal Policy-in English

Official & Unofficial Withdrawal Policy-in Spanish

Return of Title IV Policy

Return of Title IV Policy*

* Available in English only.

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence Policy (LOA)*

* Available in English only.

Financial Aid: Rights and Responsabilities

Rights and Responsabilities of Students Receiving Financial Assistance-in English

Rights and Responsabilities of Students Receiving Financial Assistance-in Spanish

Teacher Preparation Program Report

Title II of the Higher Education Act

Availability of Employees for Information Disemnination Purposes

34 CFR 668.44

Satisfactory Academic Progress

SAP-in English
SAP-in Spanish


List of Books-in English

List of Books-in Spanish

Intercollegiate Athletic Program

The Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool

Marketing Materials

Right Side of the Brain/Promo- http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fh2VX5WTuoI
Left Side of the Brain/Promo- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHef8Vzl16s

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