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Fact Sheet


Graduation and Retention Rate

Tasas de Graduación y Transferencias*

2004-2011 in English (Historic)
2004-2011 in Spanish (Historic)

2006 (Cohort) Athletes Graduation Rate-in English
2006 (Cohort) Athletes Graduation Rate-in Spanish

*Available in Spanish only.

Student Diversity

2009-2013-in English

2009-2013-in Spanish

Graduate Employment Statistics

2012-2013 Candidates for Graduation Study*

2010 Study of Graduates and Employers*

*Available in Spanish only.

Security Policies, Crime Stastitics and Crime Log

2015 Annual Security Report*

*Available in Spanish only.

VAWA - Título IX

Programa de Prevención y Concienciación sobre la Violencia Sexual,
Violencia en el Noviazgo, Acoso y el Discrimen por Sexo*

*Available in Spanish only.

Emergency Response/Evacuation

Systemic Evacuation Plan-in English

Systemic Evacuation Plan-in Spanish

FERPA-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


*Available in English only.

Organizational Chart

UT Organizational Chart -Oct. 2013

Constitutionand Citizenship Day

Guide to Constitution Day-in English

Guide to Constitution Day-in Spanish

Emergency Response/Evacuation

Systemic Evacuation Plan-in English

Systemic Evacuation Plan-in Spanish

Voter Registration Form Availability

“Vote or Remain Silent” Public Awareness Campaign Synopsis*

Florida State Voter Registration Website
Florida State Voter Registration Form

Maryland State Voter Registration Website
Maryland State Voter Registration Form

Only applicable to USA additional locations.
*Available in English only.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Policy-in English

Policy-in Spanish

Biennial Report 2011-2012-in English

Biennial 2011-2012-in Spanish

Facilities and Services for Student with Disabilities

Program for Students with Disability and Intellectual Disability*

*Available in English only.

Vaccination Policies

Inmunization Policy*

*Available in English only.

Copyright Infringement - Policies and Sanctions

AGMUS Copyright Policy-in English

AGMUS Copyright Policy-in Spanish

Sexual Harrasment Policy

Sexual Harrasment Policy-in English

Sexual Harrasment Policy-in Spanish

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