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As part of its philosophy, Universidad del Turabo abides by the principle of equal educational opportunities for the students. With this guiding principle, the University obtains and administers a variety of financial aid funds in the form of grants, college work study and loans for students that have financial need and are eligible. The student aid funds are provided by the Federal and the Commonwealth government, by the Institution and from donations of the private sector.

The Financial Aid Portal of Universidad del Turabo provides the policies and procedures that guide us in the distribution of funds, according to the regulations that apply. It also gives the student instructions for applying to financial aid, including how to complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA). Required for access to any federal financial assistance. Other relevant norms, policies and regulations that students should be aware of are also included.

For the purpose of awarding Federal Student Aid, the definition of an Academic Year for our Institution is 24 credits and 30 weeks.

The Academic Year consists of a fall semester, a spring semester and a summer term.

If you need additional information concerning our academic programs, sources of financial aid and services to students, please contact the Financial Aid Office

Carmen J. Rivera

Financial Aid Director
Universidad del Turabo

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