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Mission and Objectives
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The School of Technical Studies provides short courses for adults of all ages in order to meet the demand for trained technical staff in the areas of banking, commerce, industry, government, and self-employment.

Our objectives include:

  • Providing a technical education that meets the current and future needs of the job market as per the demands of each area.

  • Training and developing students in the knowledge and skills related to their profession and according to the resource demands of the communities they serve.

  • Providing support services that facilitate student perseverance in the programs and contribute to academic and professional success.

  • Developing the necessary skills and attitudes in students for the proper and continuous use of learning resources, including new developments in educational technology.

  • Providing students with actual laboratory experiences so they can become familiar with aspects of their future work.

  • Developing basic entrepreneurial skills in students so they can create their own jobs and jobs for others as well...

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