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Projects In Execution

Bioremediation Projects Financed By Best

  • Synthesis and characterization of chelate compounds for the bioremediation of heavy metals using bacterium and fungi.
  • Role of fungi the bio-degradation of organic compounds.
  • Role of bacterium in the bio-degradation of organic compounds.

Application Of Zeolites Financed By Amp, Mie And Waters

  • Study of the Dynamic of Ionic Exchange in Zeolites.
  • Construction of Ionic-exchange and Adsorption Modular Reactors.
  • Zeolite Synthesis for the Development of Catalysts and Biomaterials.

Methodological Research Financed By The Federal And State Departments
Of Education

  • Improvement of Science teaching through curriculum revision and undergraduate research.
  • Pre-Sciences Program
  • Use of Technology in Science Teaching

Future Research Plans

In the School of Science and Technology at Turabo University, it is possible to develop a competitive undergraduate and graduate research process in Chemistry and Biology, employing as a driving force the solution of environmental problems through the application of chemical and biological proceses.

Some Possible Future Research Projects

  • Electrochemical Reduction or Oxidation of Pollutants.
  • Development of adsorbents with the help of the modification of the outer surface of different materials.
  • Use of ionic exchangers for the development of processes for heavy metal and radioactive contamination elimination from wastewater
  • Phytoremediation
  • Composting
  • Geological survey of natural zeolites in Puerto Rico
  • Development of microporous membranes
  • Zeolite s├şntesis
  • Catalysts preparation
  • Ceramics
  • Development of materials testing methods


  • The above exposed research plan will be useful in the increment of the collaboration with the Cayey and Humacao Colleges.
  • It is also possible to promote the creation of research cluster with the Mayag├╝ez, Rio Piedras and Medical Science campuses of the University of Puerto Rico.
  • We will develop also the collaboration with Universities and Research Centers abroad Puerto Rico.
  • It will also necessary to collaborate with industry.
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