Vision, Mission and Values
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Our Vision
The vision of the University of the Turabo is to be a high-quality educational community dedicated to improve the education of its student population and to promote the use of a adavnced technology with a focus of internationalization.

Our Mission
The mission of the University of the Turabo is improving the knowledge through the excellence in the teaching and  promote the investigation, the innovation and the internationalization of its programs.

The University is compromised with graduating students highly educated and professionally competent, that can think critically and that they be technologically cultured. The institution also promotes the development of ethical principles and values that permit to contribute to the welfare from the community through its know-how of the social systems and of its roles as responsible citizens.

The University of the Turabo is compromised with:

  • the liberty of the thought and the expression
  • the recognition and respect of the diversity
  • the respect to the individual dignity (of the individual)
  • the excellence in the teaching and the generation, dissemination and application of the knowledge
  • the promotion of cultural, social, and ethical values
  • the excellence in the planning, the operation and the service
  • the respect by the environment and the nature
  • the promotion of the human sensibility and esthetics
Sobre la Igualdad de oportunidades en el SUAGM: Esta institución no excluye de participación ni niega beneficios ni discrimina contra ninguna persona por razón de raza, sexo, edad, color,
nacimiento, origen o condición social, impedimento físico o mental o por ideas políticas, religiosas, sociales o sindicales.