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The 50-year history of the Ana G. Méndez University System can be summarized in one word: Success.

1941 - 1959
  • 1941
  • 1949
  • 1959
  • 1959
The Birth of the Institution

Ana Gonzáles de Méndez, together with Alfredo Muñiz Souffront and Florencia Pagán Cruz, founded what was then called the Puerto Rico High School of Commerce in Río Piedras. This institution was later called Puerto Rico Junior Collage (PRJC).


On May 8 1949, newspaper El Mundo announced the Puerto Rico Junior College Foundation, which was located in Río Piedras next to the Puerto Rico High School of Commerce.

Industry and Politics IN PUERTO RICO (1958-1969) On May 1 1959, Puerto Rico Junior College received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

On November 21 1959, the new PRJC buildings were inaugurated in Cupey and housed the Administration and Arts and Sciences divisions, with 825 newly registered students.

1960 - 1969
  • 1967
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  • 1968
  • 1969
  • 1969

Acquired the main building of the Puerto Rico High School of Commerce. Before the end of the decade, the number of students had increased to 3,370. The number of professors and staff increased as well.

On January 11 1967, the Cupey campus inaugurated the Jesús T. Piñero Student Center.

PRJC opened its third campus in Gurabo.
During the middle of 1968, the Junior College moved temporarily with 207 students to the Turabo valley.

The Puerto Rico Junior College Foundation was established.

On June 18 1969, the Puerto Rico Junior College Association was renamed and legally incorporated as the Ana G. Méndez Educational Foundation.

1970 - 1979
  • 1972
  • 1974
  • 1974
  • 1974
  • 1976

The PRJC campus located in Gurabo was renamed Colegio Universitario del Turabo, an institution that offered Bachelor Degree programs.

On August 25 1974, Ana G. Méndez renounced the presidency of the Educational Foundation Board of Directors.

The PRJC changed its name to Ana G. Méndez Educational Foundation, in honor of its founder.

The Board of Directors designated José F. Méndez as President of the Ana G. Méndez Educational Foundation on September 26 1974.

For the 1976-1977 academic year, student registration reached 4,445. The University offered three Bachelor Degree programs: Liberal Arts, Education, and Business Administration.

1980 - 1989
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  • 1985
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  • 1988

The PRJC Campus in Cupey became Colegio Universitario Metropolitano, and was later named (1985) Univerisdad Metropolitana (UMET), becoming the second AGMUS institution to offer Bachelor Degree programs.

The Computer Center was established in the first floor of the main administrative building. The installation of 40 computer terminals, 33 of which operated in the users’ offices, became a reality.

Universidad de Turabo

When Colegio Universitario del Turabo began offering programs at the graduate level, the institution changed its name to Universidad del Turabo (UT).

In 1981 the Museum and Center for Humanistic Studies was created to conserve and exhibit archeological collections from the Middle East and also promote cultural and artistic work within the university community and throughout the region.


The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredited this program and in 1983 received in the United States the Program Excellence Award from the National University Continuing Education Association.

Signed a letter of intent with the University of California’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Mississippi’s Jackson State University to create a Science Consortium.

Channel 40 (WMTJ-TV)

The System established Channel 40 (WMTJ-TV), the first non-government educational channel in Puerto Rico. Classes were inaugurated through Channel 40 on April 22.

Initiated the Distance Education program with the Televised Studies Center project.

UMET began offering Master Degree programs.

1990 - 1999
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  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1999

Universidad del Turabo (UT) established the School of Engineering.

Channel 40’s Interactive Television System is established

Puerto Rico Junior College became Colegio Universitario del Este (CUE), whose campus was located in Carolina. CUE included the International School of Tourism and Hotel Management.


On July 15 the Board of Directors approved amending the legal name of the Ana G. Méndez Educational Foundation Inc. Since then, it came to be known as the Ana G. Méndez University System Inc., and established the AGMUS President’s Advisory Board.

Under the new Vision 2005 strategic plan, students were defined as clients and became the central focus of all efforts, with total client satisfaction seen as the System’s major goal.

Model of Excellence

The National Science Foundation selected UMET as a Model Institution of Excellence (MIE).

On July 31 1996, through an agreement with the Tourism Company, CUE established the International School of Tourism and Hotel Administration.

Channel 40 was able to transmit interactive television coast to coast in Puerto Rico. This same year, the Educational Resources Center was inaugurated through an agreement with Televisión del Pueblo de Puerto Rico Channel 6 and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

2000 - Actualidad
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  • 2004
  • 2004

Elsewhere, UT established its first Masters Online program through the Internet at the Graduate School of Administration.

UT had demonstrated its leadership in the field of sports with six championships and four sub-championships in Interuniversity Athletic League Games during the previous decade, and in 2002 inaugurated the Turabo Community Sports Complex.

In addition, the Caribbean Stranding Network, with headquarters at UMET, developed research in the ecology, life history, stranding, mortality, pathology, management and conservation of marine mammals in the Caribbean.

The International School of Tourism and Hotel Administration made an agreement with Universidad de las Islas Baleares in order to provide the School with an international scope.

In August 2003, UT received permission to begin its first Doctoral Degree programs in Business Administration and Doctorate in Education.

For the first time, a University Center was opened in Orlando, Florida and was named Metro Orlando University Center, offering bilingual and accelerated studies, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Today, AGMUS has more than 21,000 students registered in its three institutions and ten university centers located in Aguadilla, Bayamón, Cayey, Coamo, Jayuya, Isabela, Naguabo, Yabucoa, Manatí, Cabo Rojo, Utuado and Yauco. Each institution adheres to the same Ana G. Méndez mission as when PRJC was founded – to provide a quality education to all sectors of the Puerto Rican society.

AGMUS began transforming Channel 40 into a Telecommunications and Distance Education Center with a PBS affiliated university license.

Finally, the System celebrated 55 years.

Sobre la Igualdad de oportunidades en el SUAGM: Esta institución no excluye de participación ni niega beneficios ni discrimina contra ninguna persona por razón de raza, sexo, edad, color,
nacimiento, origen o condición social, impedimento físico o mental o por ideas políticas, religiosas, sociales o sindicales.