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When is the registration period?
See the Registration Calendar on the Internet.

How can I register?
If you are an active student you can register through the Internet or visit ISSC’s Electronic Service Room at the institution.


When is the deadline for full payment of student debt?
More info:


How can I receive help or tutoring for my classes?
You can call the Vice Rectorate of Development and Retention at 787-743-7979 Extension 4205.

What hours are the service offices open to the public?
Monday to Thursday 08:00 am – 08:00 pm
Friday 08:00 am – 04:30 pm
Saturday 09:00 am – 12:00 noon

What services are available to handicapped students?
The Vocational Rehabilitation Program provides services to handicapped students. For orientation, call 787-743-7979 Extensions 4210 and 4212.

Can I have access to the Student Handbook?
Copies of the Student Handbook are available at the Integrated Student Services Center (ISSC).

How can I contact a professional counselor?
You can call the Integral Student Development Center at 787-743-7979 Extension 4210.


When and how can I apply for graduation?
There are three dates for applying for graduation and they are established in the Academic Calendar. If you are a candidate for graduation in December, you have until the beginning of October to apply. If you are a May candidate, you have until the beginning of February. If you are a Summer candidate, you have until the beginning of June.


How can I know the deadline dates for removing an Incomplete and other Registrar's Office processes?
The dates of the processes carried out by the Registrar's Office are published in the Academic Calendar.

How do I request a credit transcript?
You can personally go to the ISSC with a photo ID. You can also request it by mail with a letter containing all the data, along with a postal money order payable to Universidad del Turabo; or by phone if you have a credit card.


Is there a socio-cultural calendar?
The Socio-Cultural Activities Calendar is published at the beginning of each semester. Copies are available at the Vice-Chancellor's Office of Student Services.

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