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Tampa Bay Campus

About Ana G. Méndez University System
For more than 60 years, the mission of the Ana G. Méndez University System (SUAGM) has always been to achieve a higher level of quality and excellence in education for the community.
Our University Systems' roots originate at the Puerto Rico Junior College (PRJC) which was founded in 1949 by Ana G. Méndez as Puerto Rico's first community college. Since then, the institution has evolved into three separately accredited universities: Universidad del Turabo, Universidad Metropolitana and Universidad del Este; which currently serve more than 42,000 students in 16 university centers throughout Puerto Rico and Florida. SUAGM also developed the first private educational television station (Sistema TV Channel 40) which is affiliated with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in Puerto Rico.
In 2003, SUAGM embarked on an international expansion agenda establishing the Metro Orlando Campus in Orlando, Florida. Since then SUAGM has opened two more university centers in Florida: the South Florida Campus in Miramar, Florida in 2006 and the Tampa Bay Campus in Tampa, Florida in 2010. SUAGM and its AHORA Program, the first accelerated dual language program for adults in the United States, represents its ongoing commiment to serve the divers Latin Community in Florida.
  • Ana G. Méndez establishes the Puerto Rico High School of Commerce in 1942.
  • Along with distinguished educators, Florencio Pagán and Alfredo Muñiz Souffront, Ana G. Méndez establishes the Puerto Rico Junior College in 1949.
  • Headquarters located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Dr. José F. Méndez becomes president of SUAGM in 1974.
  • SUAGM has a current enrollment of 42,000 students and 53,000 alumni.
  • The AHORA Program from the School of Professional Studies is established in 1996.
  • Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • The Metro Orlando Campus is inaugurated in 2003.
  • The South Florida Campus is inaugurated in 2006.
  • The Tampa Bay Campus is inaugurated in 2010.
  • Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.
  • 16 university centers throughout Puerto Rico and Florida.
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Colegio Universitario del Turabo was established in 1972 and 1981 it received its certification to operate as Universidad del Turabo. Its academic offerings include associate's bachelor's, master's and doctoral  degrees in the fields of education, business administration, engineering, humanities and social sciences among others. UT is a twelve time champion of the Intercollegiate Athletic League and currently serves more than 16,000 students. It main campus in Puerto Rico is located in Gurabo, only fifteen miles south San Juan.
Colegio Metropolitana opened its doors in 1980, becoming Universidad Metropolitana in 1985. Designated as a Model Institution of Excellence by the National Science Foundation (NSF), UMET offers a variety of associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in education, health, nursing, business administration, science and environmental science. The main campus is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has a current student enrollment of more than 12,000 students.
Founded in 1949 as the Puerto Rico Junior College, the Colegio Universitario del Este (1992) became the Universidad del Este in 2000. With a current student enrollment of over 13,000, UNE offers associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees in health, applied sciences, business administration, agribusiness, education, tourism among others. The main campus is located in Carolina, Puerto Rico.