The Department of Education provides financial funds to help higher education institutions who serve hispanic students. This help is provided through Title V Law 107-110 with a five years duration. It began on October 2005 and will end on September 2010.

Title V Program provides services to improve and strengthen  academic achievement of the students in institutions serving hispanic students. The funds assigned to Yabucoa University Center (YUC) gear towards the academic achievement and Faculty development. The Supplemental Instruction Program in Yabucoa (ISY) and the Center for Developing the use of Technology in the Classroom (DUTIC) were created to offer these services.

We are here to serve you in our modern facilities at Turabo University in Yabucoa. You may contact us personally or by telephone to (787) 266-2066 ext. 1721.

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     Address: P.O. Box 25 Yabucoa, P.R. 00767
     Tel. (787) 266-2066  Ext. 1721
     Fax. (787) 266-0250




The Development in the Use of Technology in the Classroom Center (DUTIC) of Universidad del Turabo in Yabucoa will be one of advance guard through an innovative technological alliance that will revolutionize the apprenticeship community to enrich life quality.


Transform the classroom integrating technology to promote the students retention and an apprenticeship of the best quality.


Transforming your life with educational technology



The Title V Proposal at Universidad del Turabo in Yabucoa ensures equal opportunities to everyone regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origen, age or disability.  This educational workplace is free of discrimination, hostility, sexual harassment, and barriers of accessibility for persons with disabilities.



CONTACT OCR (Office for Civil Rights)

For assistance related to civil rights, you may contact the OCR headquarters office in Washington D.C. or the OCR enforcement office serving your state or territory.  Contact the enforcement offices if you wish to file a complaint (or use the online complaint form). Also if you need technical assistance on a problem or assistance to prevent civil rights problems.  Contact the OCR headquarters office if you have any question on national policy, to make a Freedom of Information request for information that is national in scope,  to request publications, or other assistance that is not available online.

The OCR office for Puerto Rico is located at:

New York Office                                                           U.S Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights                                                  Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education                                     Customer Service Team
32 Old Slip, 26th Floor                                                  550 12th Street, SW
New York, NY 10005-2500                                          Washington, D.C. 20202-1100

Telephone: 646-428-3900                                             Telephone: 1-800-421-3481
FAX: 646-4283843;                                                       FAX: 202-245-6840
TDD: 877-521-2172
                                                      TDD: 877-521-2172
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Sponsored by USDE Title V Funding Grant # P031S050025-07
October 2005 – September 2010



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