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Accelerated Dual Language
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The need for bilingual professionals in English and Spanish increases every day. The global nature of business and professional transactions, together with the fast and continuous growth of the Latino population throughout the United States , makes it essential for employers to hire and train people that are effective in more than one language and culture.

Our accelerated dual language program is designed to prepare professionals in their field of study while at the same time develops advanced skills in English and Spanish.


In the accelerated learning model, the academic year is divided into nine five-week segments or five eight-week segments. Classes meet once a week for four hours for five or eight weeks.

As such, students have up to nine enrollment opportunities every year.

They can concentrate in two classes at a time, and by attending classes only two days per week, complete up to 18 credits in one semester. The accelerated program allows students more flexibility during the semester; they can decide to stop out of the program for 5 weeks and return the next five weeks.

Dual Language

The dual language model achieves several goals. First and foremost, it targets the specific need for providing continued development of bilingualism throughout the students’ career development so that they may have the language skills needed to compete in a global society.

Secondly, it addresses the development of social and academic language by providing students the opportunity to learn through both their first and second language as they develop skills in understanding different cultures.

Third, by providing equal amount of instruction in both languages (50/50), our dual language model provides the job market with bilingually competitive individuals that can respond to the needs of their employers and the growing global market economy.

Fourth, it is the first of its kind, as it is the first dual language discipline based program in higher education. Finally, our model produces Dual Language Professionals who demonstrate professional competencies, confidently, in their field of study in Spanish and English.

Adult Focused

The amount of working adults who wish to be successful in the current economic environment is increasing. In order to achieve this goal, they are pursuing a college education, and they are changing the characteristics of the undergraduate population of higher education institutions in exponential leaps and bounds across the country.

We are experts on how to serve this shifting student marketplace and provide the services needed to serve the adult learning. It is centered on the guiding principles of adult learning. We develop and sustain a learning environment where adults actively participate in the planning and evaluation of their learning. Educational activities are built on the learner’s prior knowledge and experience, helping to create activities that are real-world based and content-oriented.