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SPS Vision & Mission


We aim to become local and international leaders in accelerated dual language education for adults. We will be recognized for the excellence and pertinence of our academic programs, integrated services, the application of emerging technologies and the strengthening of high-level competencies that will allow students to be effective in a globalized work environment, becoming lifelong learners.


The School for Professional Studies is the academic unit of Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez that administers Spanish language and dual language accelerated programs for adults. The mission of the School is to provide an accelerated educational process to adult students, where their professional experience is incorporated into the classroom to create an interactive, challenging and dynamic environment. Its programs are designed exclusively for the adult student, offering a professional environment, as well as integrated, personalized and individualized services. Faculty and staff members with professional experience, especially prepared to work with adults, are educational
facilitators in an innovative way.

To fulfill this mission, the School for Professional Studies will:

  • Promote that adults value continuous learning and increase their contribution to the world of employment
  • Facilitate that adult students reach their educational goals
  • Create a learning community that facilitates building new knowledge based on and applicable to the professional and personal reality of adults
  • Promote continuous critical analysis and research of the students’ personal, professional and community environment
  • Provide quality integrated student services that are easily accessible to adult students
  • Recruit and develop personnel that knows and effectively meets the needs of the adult student
  • Integrate technology into the academic, service and administrative processes
  • Develop academic offerings that respond to the needs of the professional and business world
  • Establish a continuous feedback and assessment process of all its activities and services.