Preparing Students internazionalization annual_report vision2015

internazionalization annual_report vision2015
Friday, June 22, 2018
We build bridges to reach People. People cross them to gain Knowledge
“Preparing Students for Global Leadership”

José F. Méndez
President, Ana G. MĂ©ndez University System


In October 2003, in the city of Lisboa, Portugal, the Board of Directors of the Ana G. MĂ©ndez University System officially embarked on the mission to expose students and faculty to the global dimensions underway in the 21st world, commonly referred to as globalization.

In signing the “Portugal Declaration,” the Board of Directors at Ana G. Méndez University System sought to eliminate the traditional barriers imposed by different cultures, religions, economies, and philosophies and to open global doors for our students and faculty, by establishing a solid internationalization program. We took on the important task of preparing citizens for a global economy by creating the curriculum options, learning experiences, and activities that would impart an international perspective on our students, faculty, and staff members.

The Portugal Declaration is a key component of the strategies commenced in 1999 with the University System’s Vision 2005, which included initiatives to attain international exposure through associations and strategic agreements in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Hispanic communities in the United States. Today, the Portugal Declaration has become the foundation for our development strategies, academic processes, research, and the services required to enhance the international dimension of higher learning throughout all of Ana G. Méndez’s campuses and institutions.

The leadership provided by the University System’s faculty and staff has been an essential component for the success of the internationalization program. The Board of Directors is honored to recognize their outstanding efforts in preparing students to study abroad and for welcoming foreign dignitaries, scholars, and students to our campuses and facilities. We are also pleased to acknowledge their efforts in coordinating and holding international learning conferences, as well as entering into cooperative agreements and contracts with affiliated partners, universities, public and private sector organizations, and consortiums.

At Ana G. MĂ©ndez University System, we remain committed to developing and supporting the growth of our internationalization program by including more academics and scholars whose educational interests and research include the global dimensions of their fields. While the university depends on students and faculty members to continue making the program a success, we also require administrative leadership to guarantee our strategic plan is fully carried out by the university community and that the necessary academic incentives, funding, and scholarships are available for every student and faculty member who becomes a part of this highly important program.

Always keeping in mind our role as a provider of knowledge, particularly in this era of globalization, Ana G. MĂ©ndez University System will continue to lead the way in the Puerto Rico of the 21st century by establishing, supporting, and maintaining solid international bridges and by creating a world of opportunities for students with the support of our faculty and administrative staff.

José F. Méndez
Ana G. MĂ©ndez University System


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