Preparing Students internazionalization annual_report vision2015

internazionalization annual_report vision2015
Thursday, August 16, 2018
We build bridges to reach People. People cross them to gain Knowledge
Exchanging Global Knowledge and Resources

The internationalization of Ana G. Méndez University System’s curriculum is more than just adding new courses or majors to existing programs. The University System has established a multifaceted and interdisciplinary program that is positively impacting students and faculty in Puerto Rico, U.S., and other countries.

Through its internationalization efforts, Ana G. Méndez University System provides faculty, researchers, and students with the opportunity to learn about other cultures, languages, developing technologies, and global economies by interacting with their counterparts in international universities, institutions, and business organizations. The University System further promotes the interaction of faculty and students by sponsoring conferences with academic and government leaders worldwide.

Through these efforts, Ana G. Méndez University System is contributing to creating competitive individuals to successfully take on the challenges of a global economy. The internationalization program is also promoting communication between nations, as well as the exchange of information, resources, and knowledge.

With campuses no longer geographically bounded to one area of physical space, through its Center for Telecommunications and Distance Education and satellite campuses in Orlando and Miramar, Ana G. Méndez University System has made long-distance learning, teaching, and research easily accessible.

Vision and Goals of Internationalization

Ana G. Méndez University System has aggressively pursued the expansion of its educational programs and opportunities, by :

  • establishing an international student exchange program
  • offering opportunities to study abroad; through a faculty exchange program
  • agreements of cooperation and international visitors program
  • Memorandums of understanding have been signed with diverse industries to enrich the educational experiences of students and faculty
  • curriculums has been expanded to reflect international perspectives; key courses that include global points of view have been added and initiatives are underway
  • development of interdisciplinary offerings between the faculty of the three campuses and international universities, with the goal of establishing a niche of services throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and Hispanic markets in the U.S.

The University System has also established the President’s International Advisory Board to ensure continued support for internationalization efforts.


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