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Who are we?

The Associate Vice-Presidency of Marketing and Enrollment is responsible for the development of integrated marketing programs aimed at creating preference, conviction and positive action towards the AGMUS’ institutions within the different market sectors targeted. Strategic marketing planning and the integration of those basic functions are the main goals of our vice-presidency. Marketing activities include: Enrollment (sales), Promotions, Events and Direct Sales. Additionally, market studies and enrollment management also fall within our duties.

Our office:

  • Lends support and follows up on the strategies devised to meet the enrollment goals of all units of the AGMUS.
  • Analyzes the results of all marketing strategies in order to make the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning to achieve desired results.
  • Provides the quantitative and qualitative analysis needed to establish enrollment projections for all units of the AGMUS.
  • Identifies the need for market studies and supervises the implementation of these studies.
  • Provides advice on the policies that regulate enrollment processes of all institutions, thus ensuring an orderly growth.
  • Provides advice and makes recommendations regarding the development of new markets and the viability of programs in tune with labor market tendencies and technological innovations.
  • Participates in and makes recommendations on the professional development of the personnel responsible for marketing within the AGMUS and its institutions.

The Institutional Marketing team is responsible for designing and establishing marketing and enrollment strategies for the Eastern University (Universidad del Este), the Metropolitan University (Universidad Metropolitana) and the University of Turabo (Universidad del Turabo). Other colleagues in the marketing area at the different institutions and university centers collaborate with the Institutional Marketing team during the strategic planning phase.

If you wish to coordinate a marketing event, an activity, a visit to a campus, a sponsorship, a sports event, support to telemarketing, a promotional activity or develop promotional material, please feel free to contact us.


Melba G. Sánchez González, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Recruiting
Tel. (787)751-0178, ext. 7292

Miguel Pérez Bonillla, Director of Promotions
Tel. (787)751-0178, ext. 7485

Norma Vega, Administrative Secretary
Tel. (787)751-0178, ext. 7292
ac_nvega @suagm.edu

Contacts: AGMUS’ Institutions

Edna Cartagena, Marketing Director UMET
Tel. (787)766-1717, ext. 6539

Magda Ostolaza, Marketing Director UNE
Tel. (787)257-7373, ext. 3301

Vacant, Associate Deputy Dean of Marketing UT
Tel. (787)743-7979, ext. 4351

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