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Physical Development of the Arecibo Observatory and the Renovation of the Angel Ramos Foundation Visitors Center.


Research and equipment.

The fundraising campaign is focused on raising funds for the development of the Arecibo Observatory and the renovation of the Angel Ramos Foundation Visitors Center. The objective of the campaign is to contribute to the cost of construction, the acquisition of innovative educational exhibits and educational programs. The fundraising goal is $2 million through private funding requests to individuals, corporations, foundations, national and local government funds to state and federal agencies ad.

Annually, the Angel Ramos Foundation Visitors Center receives 100,000 visitors in its facilities. Our commitment is to position the facility as one of the largest and innovated educational attraction in Puerto Rico, impacting students K-12, universities, scientific communities, and the general public. These developments will enrich the experience of local and international visitors searching for new experiences in science.

50th anniversary documentary.
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