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Purchasing Manual

Policy and Procedure on the signing and registration of contracts (spanish)

All purchasing transactions are done through our BANNER System. To request access to the screens, you can contact Sonia Rodríguez, in charge of BANNER/Finance Security at Ext. 7227.

Document generated by the automated system to request the expedition of a check. Encumbrances must be prepared for purchases under $1,000. FGAENCB Screen. "See Purchasing Manual."

Purchase Requisition
Official document that is generated by any administrative unit to request the acquisition of equipment, materials, goods, and services from the Purchasing Office Director. To complete a Purchasing Requisition, you must have valid assigned funds. The process must be done by the user and approved by the corresponding approval levels. FPAREQN Screen. "See Purchasing Manual."

Purchase Order
Official document sent by the Purchasing Office to legally formalize bids and transactions for the acquisition of equipment, materials, goods, and services. If necessary, the Purchasing Office will complete a credit request and create commercial venders (the Vender Creation Request must be sent by fax or inter-office mail) to request quotes from suppliers. Once the price, payment terms, shipping method and product availability is confirmed, a Purchase Order number will be assigned.

A purchasing method whereby quotes are requested in writing, by phone, or by messenger and the adjudication is made without holding a formal auction, but complies with the purchasing policy requirements.

Formal Auction
A formal auction is the purchasing procedure whereby possible bidders are sent invitations to bid. These invitations must include the details of the terms and conditions of the transaction that will take place, along with the deadline date and hour for receiving the bids. The offers must be sent in sealed envelopes. Those offers received will be opened and read on the day and hour noted above and before those bidders that are present.

Emergency Orders
Generally a purchase order number is provided in advance for an emergency situation in order to resolve situations caused by natural disasters or if a particular material is required immediately.

Live Material or Special Handling Orders
The user must indicate on the Purchase Requisition if the material is live and/or requires special handling. Must also include the date when the merchandise will be required. Usually, these purchases must be received within no more than two (2) working days.

Suggestions or questions regarding our services can be sent by email at: rberrios@suagm.edu

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