Associate Vice-President's Office of Marketing & Recruiting-juan
Associate Vice-President's Office of Marketing & Recruiting-juan
Associate Vice-Presidency of Marketing and Enrollment
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Marketing and Student Affairs
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Vicepresidente de Mercadeo y Asuntos Estudiantiles

Message from the Vice President:

The Vice President of Marketing and Student Affairs welcomes you to our section on the website of the AGMUS.

Furthermore than merely fulfilling the function of raising awareness of the educational management system and contributions to the development of Puerto Rico, our Vice President is working hard to raise awareness of the variety of academic programs, student services and innovative new technologies we integrate in benefit of our students.

One area of increased attention is the provision of student services, where we have made significant technological advances to streamline our recruiting process, tuition and support through all phases of university life, which include our internship programs and the integration into the labor force through guidance on our students search for employment.

We have developed important educational activities that position the AGMUS as an organization with social conscience. In our School Tours we visit high schools throughout Puerto Rico bringing dynamics on current issues such as, bullying, suicide prevention, and preservation of natural resources, among others. Another social initiative is the Workshop for Counselors we conduct annually to provide professional development workshops for Counselors and Teachers.

The success of these initiatives is made ​​possible by the strong commitment of a dynamic, creative and agile, team with vast experience in communications, public relations, media management, event management, publication production, designing and managing internet pages and social platforms, among others.

I invite you to browse this page for a brief look at our most recent campaigns.

Contacts: Marketing and Student Affairs

Francisco J. Bartolomei,Vice-president of Marketing & Students Affairs
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7447

Carmen N. Huertas López, Executive Assistant
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7330

Yaritza Cardona Mercado,Executive Secretary
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7447

Migdalia Rodríguez Rodríguez, Administrative Services Coordinator
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7216

Glenn S. López Hagge,Webspecialist
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7461

Juan A. González-Ríos, Webpublisher
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7441

Noel A. Hernández Camacho,Webprogrammer
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7442

Francisco S. Guzmán,MultimediaTechnician
Tel. (787) 751-0178, ext. 7443

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