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Doña Ana G. Méndez
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Doña Ana G. Méndez

Ana G. Mendez was born in the town of Aguada month of January 1908, as part of a household of eight children.

She graduated from Central High School in Santurce in 1935. Earned his Bachelor of Business Education at the University of Puerto Rico in 1940 and his MBA from the University of New York in 1948. On January 7, 1941, she became co-founder of Puerto Rico High School of Commerce.

In 1949, she founded the Puerto Rico Junior College in Rio Piedras, with only 19 students, the first institution of higher education in the Island sprints to two years. In 1965 she was named the first woman president of the Puerto Rico Chapter and only woman on the Board of Directors of Eastern Airlines. It was designated as "one of the world's most outstanding citizen" award from the New York Cazenovia College. Throughout his life, she received numerous awards, product of hard work and civic education.

In 1972 she founded the Turabo College, now Turabo University. She chaired the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rico Junior College Foundation, from 1952 to 1972. In 1973 she resigned as President of the Foundation and is therefore renamed Ana G. Educational Foundation Mendez University System Ana G. today Mendez, chaired by her son José F. Mendez.

Her work is the best evidence of his life. As a servant of education in Puerto Rico, was always characterized by their high sense of service and deep commitment, extending its enforceable civic projects to develop the community and abroad. Her tenacity and perseverance have been a source of inspiration for those who have followed in her footsteps.

Doña Ana, eternal visionary; knew used with will, persistence, courage and dedication, those fundamental virtues that God gave her, without price or cost: good understanding, peace of mind, friendship, love and deep sense of human solidarity.

Certainly, the story of the life of Ana G. Méndez puts us in front of a remarkable woman, a dreamer, a lover of fruitful activity, able to see the future in dreams to come true then live it. Thus lived and felt, dreamed and created the educator, a woman who was able to win the respect and admiration of his people: Doña Ana G. Mendez.

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