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Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Masters of Science in Nursing Family Nurse Practitioner
The history of the Ana G. Méndez University System (SUAGM) is rich in experiences of growth and expansion. It is a reflection of the standards set by Doña Ana G. Méndez from the beginning: education is a right for all. In 2003, SUAGM took its first steps outside of Puerto Rico with the establishment of the Metro Orlando Campus in the city of Orlando, Florida. It was followed by campuses in South Florida, Tampa, Maryland and Dallas. With its innovative Discipline-Based Dual Language Immersion Model®, the SUAGM bilingual curriculum provides adults with the opportunity to become dual-language professionals in many disciplines. From its humble beginnings, SUAGM has grown to be an international organization offering Hispanics of every background the opportunity to better themselves. Given that this demographic group is the fastest growing in the United States, the importance of bilingualism in the 21st century job market cannot be overstated. In this way, SUAGM’s expansion becomes the ultimate expression of Dona Ana’s vision: to provide access and opportunity not only to Puerto Ricans, but also her fellow Hispanics from every country. “I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.” - Florence Nightingale

Examples of Excelencia is the only national initiative to identify and promote programs and departments at the forefront of advancing educational achievement for Latino students in higher education.

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