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The need for bilingual professionals who are fluent in English and Spanish is increasing every day. The global nature of business and professional transactions, along with the continued rapid growth of the Latino population in the United States, makes bilingualism an essential element for employers. They prefer to hire and train associates to be effective in more than one language and culture. Our bilingual program is designed to prepare professionals in their field of study while developing advanced skills in English and Spanish.

In the model, the traditional academic year is divided into nine sessions of five weeks and five eight-week sessions. Classes meet once a week for four consecutive hours during the five or eight weeks. Therefore, the student has the opportunity to enroll in up to nine times during the year.

Students can concentrate on two classes per session of five to eight weeks and going only twice a week can make up 18 credits in one semester. The program allows students greater flexibility during the semester, may decide not to enroll in a session and then return to the next session without losing an entire semester.

The bilingual model has several purposes. The first and principal purpose is to meet the current need to develop bilingual professionals in different areas where students can develop the skills necessary to compete in a global society.

Second, it seeks to develop social and academic language. This is to provide students with the opportunity to learn through both languages, while developing skills and understanding different cultures.

Third, by offering the same amount of instruction in both languages ‚Äč‚Äč(50/50), our model will provide the labor market with fully bilingual and competent individuals who can meet the needs of their employers and the growing global market economy.

Fourth, the bilingual model is the first of its kind, which is the first program at the university where the students learns through immersion in both languages. Finally, our model produces bilingual professionals, confident in their field of study in both English and Spanish.

The number of adults who work and want to be successful in the current economic environment is increasing. To achieve this goal, they are seeking a college education and adapting to the rapidly changing population characteristics of undergraduate higher education institutions across the nation.

We are experts in how to serve the changing population and meet the demand of the adult learner. We are focused on the guiding principles of adult education. We develop and maintain a learning environment where adults are actively involved in planning and evaluating their learning. Educational activities are based on experience and knowledge of the adult, thus enabling us to create activities based on real-world experience and therefore relevant to the content of each course.

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